The first two days

Euphoric is the word to describe our feelings after Day 1. We’d made it in some style arriving at our accommodation before 5pm with no significant problems of any kind. Today was a different story. We arrived at around 7 and the day had been very challenging. Lots of significant hills and one of our team members needed some significant morale boosting to get up one of them. This is not a walk in the park.

BUT the scenery was amazing. Lots of rolling chalk downs with beautiful churches built in the ‘Darthvader’ style – slate-faced towers which must be of timber construction.

The other thing you notice is the respect and enthusiasm the French have for cyclists. You’re given a wide berth – the sort only given to horses in England – and the sounding of the horn is accompanied by shouts of encouragement. At least that’s been our experience.

Despite the challenging day (and there’s another tomorrow) we have just been served the best meal ever by Karen and Steve at Le Cour De Lion in Brionne where we are staying courtesy of The World’s Best Hotels. It was one of the best meals I have ever had and I’m not just saying that.

So, now all is well. All the excruciating pains have gone and after a good night’s sleep we will be ready to the off again tomorrow.

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3 Responses to The first two days

  1. Jenny Oliver says:

    Glad to hear the French are treating you well! Keep it up, and enjoy the scenery!

  2. Heather Scott says:

    Good to see you are all having fun!Keep up the peddle power for this fantastic cause,we are all rooting for you.Lewis keeps us updated when the little foot moves on the map!! Love Heather,Jim and Lewis.

  3. Mark Taylor says:

    Your all doing great and making a fantastic effort for a worthy cause, keep going Kiefer !!! just think of all the kisses Jade is saving for you lol Love Dad.

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