Day 3

Given that this is a challenge, we are doing pretty well. The day was summed up with a comment from Kiefer. “This is a lot harder than I thought it would be”.

Kiefer went very quiet at one point today but one of my energy bars helped bring him back to life. Nigel got very excited at the sight of an open shop that he rushed in. Unfortunately both of his feet were still attached to his pedals and the pedal cleats only released at the point when he was laid horizontal, with bike, at the entrance to the shop. A bruised hip and cut knee were the result but nothing ‘ride threatening’.

Kiefer complained that his legs ‘ached all over’. This was interpreted by me as ‘growing pains’, muscle growing pains. He has no joint problems which is good.

Me? Well, the interface between my bum and my saddle has become rather blurred and the whole lots aches right down to where the pedals are!

The last 20km of today’s ride was in the rain. I’ve a nasty feeling that this is the way the ride will start tomorrow. We will see. This time tomorrow, if all goes to plan, we will reach the half way stage.

Onwards and upwards.

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2 Responses to Day 3

  1. Jane says:

    Well done Nigel on the shopping manoeuvre: James of Lands-End-to-John-O’G fame will be pleased to hear he is NOT the only long distance cyclist who has forgotten that the bike is not a permanent part of his anatomy when trying to do something different for a few minutes….

  2. David Berry says:

    Tell Kiefer that what he has is only Repetetive Strain Injury – it just happens to be over his whole body!

    Keep pedalling.


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