Half way

Well here we are at the half stage and we seemed to have turned a corner. I think we all now think we could actually do this. That’s just as well because that is the plan and there is no Plan B.

Today was a big day with a great finish. We covered 155.8km (97.4miles) and have ended up at Saumur on the banks of the amazing Loire River. The picture below was taken at St Martin about 10km from Saumur.

The prize for the most improved 17 year old in the team goes to Kiefer who has found the first 3 days a bit of a challenge but today his pace has picked up. I’m worried that tomorrow I might not be able to keep up!

Nigel and the team back at The World’s Best Hotels have been fundraising as we cycle along. Please visit their web site to enter a raffle for free nights in London and Paris Hotels and make a donation.

The only downer on the day is that one on my gear changers has broken which means that I’ll be down from 30 to 10 gears and they are not the right 10! Still we’ve only got 2 days before we hit the coast where it should be fairly flat.

A real highlight for me to look forward to tomorrow is tea at Chateau Tennessus which is owned by the Nick and Pippa Freeland. I worked for Nick nearly 20 years ago when they bought the very run down chateau. It is now amazing. I haven’t seen Nick and Pippa for many years.

Thanks for all the messages of support. They are very much appreciated.

Onwards and upwards.

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  1. Mark Taylor says:

    Looks amazing i wish i was with you all but without the peddling lol and you still have the best scenery to come !!!

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