Pledge day (Day 5)

Today was a long and very eventful. It had rained on and off during the day but we also had bright, hot sunshine and everything in between. Our arrival into Noirt was, like Kiefer put it, something from a film. 15 minutes out (about 7:45pm) the heavens opened and we weaved through the streets of Noirt on the dark and in torrential rain. It really was torrential – lots of it and with the huge drops bouncing 4 inches off the streets. A great experience.

Another lovely bit of today’s trip was the stop off at the amazing Chateau Tennessus for tea and cakes with Pippa and Nick Freeland. They are the people in the photo below (Yes I know the picture could be better!).

We cycled passed chateaus, vines and sunflowers and some lovely views. See the photo below as just one example.

On the stretch from Airvault to Tennessus Nigel received pledges totalling £780 which was brilliant and when we arrived at Tennessus, Pippa pledged a free night at the Chateau and so this has become an additional prize in The World’s Best Hotels grand raffle. Entry in the raffle is free but you are encouraged to donate to the cause! Please see for details. The rooms at the Chateau are incredible in their the luxury and authenticity. They, quite literally, have to be seen to be believed. Many photos were taken but none on this iPhone unfortunately so I’ve none to upload at this point (sorry).

Tomorrow will be another eventful day. All being well, we will reach the coast and cross water on ferry!

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  1. Fiona Wragg says:

    It’s great to read all your good news,to hear your adventure is so exciting and of course that you’re collecting lots of money on the way. Well done to you making the ferry with time to spare. Kiefer, your young cousin is very keen to hear all about your trip to the “awesome” castle. Lots of love, Fiona and Eleanor x

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