We (all) did it (Day 8)

Well we finally made it. The last stage was 145 km and we made the mistake of getting too excited to far from the end. The ‘last 20 miles’ took forever mainly because we made mistakes and actually cycled about 30 miles! It was also very much busier than we were used to.

The plan was to spend the evening at Nigel’s friend, Eric’s house. As we free wheeled down a hill towards the beach Kiefer made a classic Kiefer comment: “Is Eric’s house back up here?”. After eight days We just wanted to stop pedalling!

Eric came down to meet us on his scooter and Jane was on the beach when we arrived which was lovely.

We had a wonderful evening at Eric and Violaine’s home with friends and family. Eric is very keen on Rugby but has just stopped playing and is planning a trip to Rugby (my home town) to ceremonially burn his Rugby shirt! So I hope to be able to return the wonderful hospitality one day.

We are flying back this afternoon. Just time to have some breakfast pack the bike for the flight.

It’s been a great experience and people have been very generous with their support. Thanks to you all. Donations are still coming in. We expect to have raised more than £6,000. Zambia here we come!

Onwards and upwards.

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2 Responses to We (all) did it (Day 8)

  1. Fiona Wragg says:

    What an absolutely brilliant achievement and adventure for you all.
    Well done for putting so much effort in to help other people.
    What you have done is fabulous.Hope your bottoms are not too sore!
    The blog has been great and the photos stunning.
    xx Fiona & Eleanor xx

  2. Heather Scott says:

    Congratulations to you all!We are all very proud of you all,and you should be very proud of yourselves.This is a fantastic thing you have done for others who are far less fortunate than ourselves.I for one would like to keep fundraising for Colalife,as i think you are doing a very great thing with this Simon.I really hope Colalife goes on to achieve massive success.
    Love, the Scotts.

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