This blog has been set up so that ColaLife supporters can follow the progress of the ColaLife Participation Ride 2010.

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The blog
During the ride we will be blogging from the saddle, WiFi permitting. You can read the blog here.

The route: 26 stages | 8 days | 660 miles
A list of all the planned stages is here – click on the stage name to see the map. The route broken down into 26 stages. The stages for each day are here:

  1. Day 1 | Saturday, 4 Sept
  2. Day 2 | Sunday, 5 Sept
  3. Day 3 | Monday, 6 Sept
  4. Day 4 | Tuesday, 7 Sept
  5. Day 5 | Wednesday, 8 Sept
  6. Day 6 | Thursday, 9 Sept
  7. Day 7 | Friday, 10 Sept
  8. Day 8 | Saturday, 11 Sept


Why aidpod.org?
Mark III AidPod in Crate with white background

AidPods are wedge-shaped containers that fit in the unused space in Coca-Cola crates between the necks of the bottles. We want to use this unused space to get simple medicines to the people who need them on a day to day basis in Africa. Read more >> the low down on AidPods.


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