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For the first time since I started the ColaLife campaign in April 2008, I am asking ColaLife supporters to donate money to move us to the next stage.

Why do we need your donation now?

Since its launch, ColaLife has been a purely voluntary campaign firstly to get Coca-Cola’s attention (done!) and then to get their engagement (done!) and now to get their bottlers and distributors to participate in an independently evaluated trial of the idea. The trial is now our primary focus. To get this underway needs a lot more effort than running a campaign. So I have given up employment to dedicate myself full-time to achieving this evaluation of the idea. We have no project funding (yet). We are currently running on an award from UnLtd to cover living expenses.

What will your donation be used for?

To get the project funding we need, from sources like the Global Fund, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation, we need a trial plan which all the relevant partners are signed up to. To do this, I need to visit partners in Africa and build the partnership necessary to trial the ColaLife idea. We will then need to support this partnership in the co-design of the trial plan. The co-design approach is crucial to success as it will get the commitment to the trial that we need for success. This co-designed plan will be the crucial trigger we need to engage the significant funders mentioned above. Your donation will help us produce ‘the sprat that catches the mackerel’! We are not yet at the point when I can say £20 will save x lives. But I can promise that your money will go towards the test of one of the most exciting ideas to combat child mortality in many, many years. An idea that has captured the enthusiasm of thousands of people across the globe including some of the most respected names in public health, logistics and overseas development.

What will we achieve with your donation?

Four of us are working as fundraisers at this time and we are each aiming to raise £1,500 which will give us a total of £6,000. ColaLife is a very simple idea. However, if it’s to work it will require people and organisations to work together who have never worked together before. In other words the implementation of a trial is going to be complex. So we are breaking the challenge down into small achievable steps:

  1. Undertaking research and liaising with Coca-Cola to identify the country to run the trial (currently underway)
  2. Building relationships in that country with the partners required to undertake the trial
  3. Visiting the country to work with those partners to co-design the trial <– this is what your donation will contribute to
  4. Taking the co-designed trial proposal to funders, including Coca-Cola, Global Fund, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation <– this is what your donation will contribute to

Thanks for reading this and considering a donation. You can donate online here: www.justgiving.com/colalife-simon or you can send a cheque.

How to donate by cheque

ColaLife’s development is being supported by CIVA, so please make your cheques payable to: CIVA** (ColaLife A/C). If you are a UK tax payer and would like us to reclaim the tax you’ve paid on the money you are donating please download and complete this Gift Aid Declaration Form (PDF 209 KB) and send it with your cheque to:

16 Cawston Way
CV22 7NR

What your donation WILL NOT be used for

We are using a challenging bicycle ride as a device for this fund-raising initiative. HOWEVER, all riders are paying for their own travel to and from the start and end of the ride and for all their expenses (eg accommodation etc) along the way. This means that the whole of your donation goes to ColaLife.
You can follow the riders’ progress
here. Once we get started you will be able to follow our progress on a live map and I hope to be blogging from the saddle! More on this later.

* Image credits from left to right: Ellie Stoneley | The Guardian | Tim Dench | Tim Dench | Tim Dench | Sam Berry
Image content from left to right: Madagascan child with AidPod | Empty medicine store in Katine, Uganda | Tanzanian children with AidPod | Coca-Cola crate with AidPod | Emptying social products from an AidPod

** Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action | Charity number 1122095

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