Live map

This map will show the progress of the ColaLife Participation Ride LIVE! While we are cycling it will be updated every 15 minutes or so. If you can’t see a map below, you can view it here.
It’s not too late to donate! You can donate online here. If you’d rather send a cheque, details on how to do that and take advantage of GiftAid are here.


5 Responses to Live map

  1. Clyde says:

    The weather seems favorable at the moment. I hope you raise loads of money for your project. I’ll try to keep up with your progress. Have a good ride!

  2. David Berry says:

    Well done Simon & Co on Day 1 – the line of markers looks impressive! And I see you’re off to an early start. I have my old laptop set up in the lounge with the map page permanently displayed – perhaps I should have the window open to enter into the spirit!

    You help with my computer problems and here is one that might interest other followers of your ride. Can you get the map to always have your latest position in the centre – and can you get to stay on a larger scale. Don’t fall off trying to reply straight away!

    Have a good day.


  3. Fiona Wragg says:

    A big well done to you all, what a great adventure you must be having while you help other people. I hope you manage to raise a pot load of money and remember to take hundreds of photos so we can all hear about your ride.
    Best,best wishes to you all,
    from the proud Aunty of the youngest member of the team !

  4. Frank O'Reilly says:

    Keep it going Bolders and all the rest as well! You’re doing a great job and have all our support!
    You’re on the home stretch now!

  5. Hi Guys

    We have checked your progress daily and informed the guests you had dinner with on your stopover. You look like you are enjoying France despite all the effort. We would like to offer you a prize for your raffle of a free nights stay for two people with evening meal and breakfast. Good luck for your final few days.

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